John Drews

Big Bad Handsome Man - B3 Hammond
Mama Told Me So   - B3 Hammond
One Step - B3 Hammond
Tore Me UpB3 Hammond
The Ute Broke Down - Piano
When Ya Gunna?  - B3 Hammond

John Drews first wandered into The Shed in late 2014.

At that time John was looking to start playing music again after a long hiatus. He mentioned this to long time Shed supporter and community radio dj Henry Jones. Henry suggested that the PBGB Shed might be an ideal environment for John to re-sharpen his chops.

So in came John with his Hammond. We were, of course, mighty pleased !  Good Hammond player with a cheery disposition ? Who wouldn't be stoked ?

John became a regular Shedder. The word got out fairly smartly, and it wasn't long ( seems like the blink of an eye ) before fellow Shedders and Figmentz Ken Vatcher, Andy O'Donnell and Dave Crowden made John an offer he couldn't refuse and he was off to join the mighty Figz.

Luckily for us John has a soft spot for The Shed, and remains a semi regular, very welcome visitor who continues to contribute to our songs from time to time. See John's Shed credits at the top of this page.

So where did this bearded bear with the brace of keyboards and abundant talent come from ?

In his own words.............................

"Started performing in Sydney in the early sixties, playing guitar. But on hearing Jimmy Smith and Br. Jack McDuff in late 1965, went off to Harry Landis store on Park Street Sydney and bought my first organ. In 1967 I traded in my Vox Continental Twin for the first of many Hammond organs and Leslies.

I played the Pub and Night club Scene in Sydney for the next twenty or so years, first in some of the early Sydney Soul bands and then later in more traditional pub rock bands, with people such as Robbie Souter, Mark Punch, Bill Motzing, Renee Geyer, John “Uncle” Eyers, Arthur Eisenberg, Frank Klaassen, and many more.

I worked as a Senior Lecturer at the National Art School Sydney (1971 - 1985). From 1985 I worked as an Art Director and SFX Director in the Film Industry.

Moved to the far south coast in 2003, to concentrate on my first passion....painting, and also my other major passion……. Windsurfing/surfing.

In 2014 I met up with Peter Reid of the Pambula Beach Garage Band. I started jamming in The Shed. Before long Pete introduced me to Kenny Vatcher, Dave Crowden and Andy O’Donnell. I joined the Figmentz as the fourth member in May 2015, but still like to visit The Shed and make the occasional contribution to PBGB songs."

Well we in The Shed are mighty happy about that John !  Keep it coming sir ! You are one of our very favourite visitors !!

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