Sasha Dee

Safe Hands                                                    Vocals

PBGB’s fifth cd ( 2009 ) featured a song by a rising young local talent named Jack Billmann. This was Jack’s first recording, and established a strong bond between PBGB and Jack’s family.

In July 2011 Jack’s Mum Clare told us she was expecting a visit from  a long time friend who loved to sing, and asked if we might invite Sasha ( Dee ) along for a Sesh.

Well we did. In fact we took quite a liking to Sasha and ended up recording a four song cd with her. See Latest News posting of 29 August 2011 for the full story.

Two of the songs Sasha recorded with us  ( Gus’ Lifeline and Neil’s Safe Hands ) us are still on the PBGB Juke Box.

Sasha, who lives in Melbourne, is hell bent on a return visit to The Shed, and we are hoping that happens sooner rather than later !

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